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Wed Oct 25 06:08:59 EST 2000

Paul Bramscher <brams006 at tc.umn.edu> wrote in message
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> Well, the basic problem with the environment to libertarians is that (a)
> by definition the environment transcends the individual (both in terms
> of space and time).  In fact, it transcends nations and generations. (b)
> And through many historical examples private industry has been an
> ecosystem's worst nightmare.

Actually governments are the ecosystem's worst nightmare. Corporations set
up as an artificial and protected extension of government come in second -
that is not private industry. And I'll bet you think more government is the

> Letting the market control the forests is like letting a cat be in
> charge of the mice, eh?  Eat 'em all up, then move on to some other
> tasty morsel that'll feed the stomache.  Birds or squirrels maybe.  I
> wouldn't waste any energy debating this issue with a nut like him.  In
> northern Minnesota we have huge lake-filled craters where the big iron
> companies out east came, mined out the iron, sent their money back east,
> and then shut down the companies when it was slim pickings.
> Sure, maybe Bob's Paper Products is eco-friendly.  But, by and large,
> the big companies would clear-cut, blow away Old Growth, etc. as they
> always have.  It takes more than the market to save the environment.  In
> fact, it needs to be saved FROM the market, at its root being demand and
> over-consumption.
What are you personally doing to help the environment?

David Gossman

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