Ayn Rand Institute's Neo Nazi Forestry web page!

John Musielewicz a123456 at bitstream.net
Wed Oct 25 05:04:26 EST 2000

> I guess your desire for more government regulations to control who can
> practice forestry is just in my imagination? No, its still there. Please try
> again. If the environmental organizations would spend more on buying and
> really protecting real habitat rather than on Washington attorneys you might
> have a case - clearly you and they do not - not till you and they practice
> what you preach.
> David Gossman

What an uninformed opinion. It doesn't do any good to buy a ten acre
plot and keep it pristine unless you enact regulations affecting *all*
other ten acre plots around you. Plus if you bothered to ask
environmentalists you'd find that most of them own land and are keeping
it in its natural state. It takes a lot to be a complete habitat. We
are just finding that out. There are reports from many public forests
and widerness areas that the managers are finding, they, as they are set
aside now, are not complete habitats and there will be problems
with mammel populations in a few years. Which is a good reason to
expand the areas. Habitat is more than just a
little grass, and a few trees. Managment is more than just a little


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