Bioremediation, forests and fungi

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Wed Oct 25 17:27:06 EST 2000

No, no not a choker.  A chain is a surveyor's steel tape.  One of the
unofficial but mandatory skills for a field forester used to be
"throwing" -coiling- the tape without kinking it. At my school, splicing
a logger's eye, by hand, in 9/16 wire rope was another off the record
requirement.  It's all in the wrist...

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> > Not bad, Dan. Now if you can learn to throw a chain we'll let you be a
> > real honorary ecoforester.
> >
> Sorry Mike. Chain slinging ain't for me. I know too many people who had
> bad last experiences with 'em. Why anyone would want the danger
> associated with logging may be sort of a death wish.
> Don't get me wrong. There is extreme artistry in falling a 150-foot tall
> tree precisely where you want it to go, while taking off side-branches of
> nearby trees without harming it. That's real skill, and an excellent
> example of forestry and logging in tandem. Clearcutting is perhaps the
> worst example of that relationship. (Unless your home happens to be
> downhill from a clearcut that causes a landslide.)
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