Ayn Rand Institute's Neo Nazi Forestry web page!

Ian St. John istjohn at spamcop.net
Wed Oct 25 19:48:47 EST 2000

"David Gossman" <dgossman at gcisolutions.com> wrote in message
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> H ardly, but why should the small number of extremists have more
> Those extremists have a huge impact. They scare people and seem to get
> kicks from doing so.

David. Would you really have me believe that you are quaking in your boots
because of what some 'environmental extremist' has said?

If any message has an impact it is because the message is read and the
reader agrees. There is no 'magic' that gives them power to sway minds
against the beliefs and wills of the hearer.

What you are really saying is that environmental protection is being backed
by too large a percentage of the population.

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