Ayn Rand Institute's Neo Nazi Forestry web page!

David Gossman dgossman at gcisolutions.com
Thu Oct 26 07:14:41 EST 2000

Paul Bramscher <brams006 at tc.umn.edu> wrote in message
news:39F712F9.3D73900C at tc.umn.edu...
> Libertarians' greatest fault is that they throw the baby out with the
> bathwater.  Government's done an apalling job in the arena of stewardship
> frankly, I lay the blame on the door of those who've profitted the most
> it.

Then you are throwing out the solution with you bias. Libertarinism is based
on protecting individual rights. Can you think of a better way to protect
the environment?
> And, believe me, you don't make much money in civil service.
Since when were the politicians part of the civil service system? My Dad was
civil service, I do understand the difference.

David Gossman

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