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> If any message has an impact it is because the message is read and the
> reader agrees. There is no 'magic' that gives them power to sway minds
> against the beliefs and wills of the hearer.

I don't think you really mean that, Ian.  Besides the fact that David
is not imputing any special "magic" on the part of the message sender,
history is replete with examples of powerful messages swaying the
ignorant to act based on base motivations such as fear.

One need only look at Sergei Eisenstein's 'Alexander Nevsky' as a prime

> What you are really saying is that environmental protection is being
> by too large a percentage of the population.

No, what David is saying is that a large portion of the population
greatly misunderstands the details of how this nation's so-called
environmental "protection" apparatus works, and this ignorance is
played upon by very powerful, scary, and misleading messages as to the
state of environmental health in the United States.

Public relations, as Donald Ferry, Chive Mynde, and any of the leaders
of major environmental organizations will tell you, hinges upon
creating simple and powerful messages designed to motivate people to do
something based on little information.

And I'll tell you a little story.  Over a year ago, I was fortunate
enough to be a part of a symposium at the College of William and Mary
(my alma mater) on environmental justice.  And I was astounded at,
among many things, the call for a limitation of information in the
democratization of environmental policy, a call made by the
environmental justice advocates.  Their belief was that too much
information in the hands of the people was dangerously confusing - that
a "battle of experts" would only serve to confuse and placate the
people into inaction.

That they sought a detachment of integrity-based scientific methodology
from risk analyses was disturbing enough, but it was made even more
disturbingly clear to me that these people wanted to prey on the fears
of everyday people.

No magic.  Just powerfully strong messages of fright.

 - Andrew Langer

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