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Paul Bramscher brams006 at tc.umn.edu
Thu Oct 26 09:31:41 EST 2000

David Gossman wrote:

> Paul Bramscher <brams006 at tc.umn.edu> wrote in message
> news:39F712F9.3D73900C at tc.umn.edu...
> > Libertarians' greatest fault is that they throw the baby out with the
> > bathwater.  Government's done an apalling job in the arena of stewardship
> but,
> > frankly, I lay the blame on the door of those who've profitted the most
> from
> > it.
> Then you are throwing out the solution with you bias. Libertarinism is based
> on protecting individual rights. Can you think of a better way to protect
> the environment?

The environment and individual do not equate.  An ecosystem is an integrated
system that supercedes individual greed (or even compassion), individual
ignorance (or knowledge), and speciesism.  It is complex, integrated, knows no
boundaries of space or time, and therefore needs to be managed on a collective
level, based on sound (and enforced) stewardship principles and the best
available science.

Iowa's a good example of a state that plowed over nearly all of its natural
resources, didn't even bother to set aside many state parks or grasslands.  I
enjoyed a stay in Pike's Peak State Park a couple months ago, but those kinds of
places are oases in a desert of farm fields.  For every person who's replanting
trees and native prairie I can find a dozen developers who are cutting them
down.  You'll feel better, but you won't win that battle.

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