Ayn Rand Institute's Neo Nazi Forestry web page!

John Musielewicz a123456 at bitstream.net
Thu Oct 26 04:43:32 EST 2000

> Tell me, John - with all of your experience with forest management
> issues - what are your thoughts on the concept of clear cutting?

Dry sarcasm doesn't suit you. Clear-cutting like fires have pluses and 
minuses. There is no perfect forest management except keeping humans
out and not touching it at all- a wilderness area. A lot of animals find clear-cut
areas good for food. If forests are mono-managed with something like
deer in mind (which they have been in the past), clear-cutting is a
positive aspect of forest management. However the negatives
outweigh the benefits to a few select species. As a deer hunter I usually hunt
clear-cuts. I am neither shocked nor appalled by them. If the
environmentalist foresters say there are better ways to manage a forest
they are probably right. Why are you for them besides the fact the
environmentelist foresters are against them? Yes we should keep 
adding to forests and wilderness areas,
not stopping until the managers say the eco-systems are complete. No
sense in doing a half-ass job in leaving a legacy.

>  - Andrew Langer


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