Dying Pine Trees

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> Dear Ed And Christine,
>     I don't know if you are having the same problem as other land owners =
> in Tennessee , but if you are , you probably have one or more of the =
> varieties of pine bore beetles. The mild winters we have for the past 4 =
> or 5 years are a contributing factor as it has not been cold enough to =
> kill the little bugs. I too have a 2 acre spread of pines next to my =
> home and I am now beginning to see the first signs of the beetles. We =
> are debating weather to sell the timber or take the chance and let =
> happen what will.
>     You may be able to get some kind of insecticide to kill of prevent =
> the spread of further infestation.
While pine beetles _may_ attack healthy trees, usually infected trees are
already stressed for several reasons. Treating the beetle infestation
_will not_ affect the underlying problem(s).

Have you already inoculated with ectomycorrhizal fungi? If not, I would
strongly suggest an application with a combination of EM fungi, such as
Rhizopogons, Zelleromyces and Martellias. If you don't know of a source,
I have some available at this time. Application is via a water slurry,
which can be sprayed directly on the ground near the trees, or can be
applied aerially if the affected area is larger than can be accomplished
easily with a back-pack sprayer. Application is usually done ever 5 rows
in plantation conditions, with small mammal dispersal causing the other
trees to be innoculated within 2 years.

BTW, what species of pine is being discussed here? Loblolly, Ponderosa,
Longleaf, other?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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