Ayn Rand Institute's Neo Nazi Forestry web page!

John Musielewicz a123456 at bitstream.net
Thu Oct 26 06:41:21 EST 2000

> And I'll tell you a little story.  Over a year ago, I was fortunate
> enough to be a part of a symposium at the College of William and Mary
> (my alma mater) on environmental justice.  And I was astounded at,
> among many things, the call for a limitation of information in the
> democratization of environmental policy, a call made by the
> environmental justice advocates.  Their belief was that too much
> information in the hands of the people was dangerously confusing - that
> a "battle of experts" would only serve to confuse and placate the
> people into inaction.

Not unusual, happens all the time in other issues, even though I doubt
thats what they were saying in this case. You probably misinterpeted it. 
Can you provide a link to the exact words? You fringe partyers
always misinterpet what you see as the enemy in your paranoic
delusional world where everyone is out to get you.


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