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> > Clear-cuts have been used because they
> > are cheap and effient. All you have to do is mark the area to cut, cut
> > a road, hack down the trees and haul them out. No fuss no muss and you
> > can take the trees in quantity very easily. Compare that to selective
> > cutting. Now that is both time and labor intensive. Economically a
> clear-cut
> > can't be beat.
> I'm not arguing the economics.  I'm arguing the ecology.
I'll argue the economics. Clear cutting the native timber mix on my farm
would cost a fortune. There are times where it is needed from a forest
management perspective to regenerate certain areas, but cutting hackberry
and cottonwood does not have a significant economic return. Rather clearly
this depends on the forest and what it is being managed for but the blanket
statement that it is less costly is simply not true.

David Gossman

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