LANDSCOPE: Vice President Gore Pledges to Protect Old Growth Forests

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Subject: LANDSCOPE: Vice President Gore Pledges to Protect Old Growth Forests

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - October 30, 2000

Vice President Gore Pledges to Protect Old Growth Forests

"If you believe , as I do, that we should block new roads and timber
sales in our roadless forests and ancient forest areas...then I ask for
your support," said Vice President Al Gore during an impassioned speech
Oct. 21 in Portland, OR.  In a written statement Gore announced that he
would "identify and implement measures to protect and preserve remaining
old-growth forest areas."  Gore's statement also acknowledged
environmental concerns about the Eagle Timber Sale on the Mt. Hood
National Forest.  "Having conveyed those concerns to the federal
agencies involved in the proposed sale, Gore is pleased to note that
Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman recently committed to conduct an
independent review of the sale," said the release.  Gore pledged to
ensure that the Eagle sale meets the highest environmental standards
following this review.  He also called the Salvage Rider a terrible
mistake and promised to veto similar riders in the future.

. . . This is a very significant step towards the protection of old
growth forests.  Many thanks to all the activists who have been working
to protect the Ancient Forests and raise these concerns with the Vice
President.  "The remaining Ancient Forests in Washington State's Gifford
Pinchot National Forest best serve wildlife and rural communities as
intact and functional forests," said Susan Jane Brown of the Gifford
Pinchot Task Force.  "We look forward to seeing the Vice President's
words translated into positive action for our forests."

Interior Secretary Young?: Rep. Don Young (R-AK), chairman of the House
Resources Committee, expects to be offered the post of Interior
Secretary under a Bush Administration, reports MSNBC news.  "If I don't
get to be Chairman, if we don't keep the majority, then definitely I
would be interested and I think it will be offered," said Young.  "I
would probably be the best Secretary of the Interior that anyone could
ever have."  Young is an outspoken proponent for increased logging on
public lands (including old growth) and has used his position as
Chairman of the Resources Committee to block forest protection
legislation in the House of Representatives for the past six years.

LCV Voter Scorecard Available: The League of Conservation Voters (LCV)
has released the 2000 National Environmental Scorecard to help educate
voters about their elected official's voting records.  LCV criticized a
majority in Congress for voting to jeopardize clean water and air
protections, and for using anti-environmental riders on appropriations
bill to disguise their efforts to weaken environmental and public health
laws.  LCV is encouraging citizens across the country to hold their
members of Congress accountable for environmental votes they cast in
1999 and 2000.  For more information, please see

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