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> And I find the statists' approach to the environment to be
> annihilative.  We'll take what's yours regardless of your need or
> record, and fail to live up to their management responsbilities because
> they haven't the proper resources or incentive to do so.

   Cry me a river. I'm not sure how Mr. Langrrr thinks that military
and police forces are run, but they are run on *exactly* the principles
that he professes to decry.

> You'll note that the worst environmental degradation has always
> occurred in media that are not solely owned - national forests in the
> United States and Russia, oil spills, air pollution.

   I'm not sure what Mr. Langrrr means by "solely owned". If not owned
by a single individual, them most businesses beyond a certain size are
just plail *evil*, because they are nominally owned by their
stockholders, and de facto owned by their boards of directors and top

   And I note that in the Soviet days, most of the Soviet Union's
assets had had a sole owner -- the Soviet Government. Ownership that it
was willing to assert by force, such as against certain pesky Kulaks.
People could have individual-level property, but nothing more. Imagine
the Soviet Government as the ultimate in Big Business that inhabited
its own company town.

   And since the Soviet Government had inhabited the territory that it
had owned, Langrrrian ideology predicts that it would have done
essentially perfect protection of its environment. But it did not. In
fact, given Langrrr's insinuations of either-or choices between
protecting the environment and economic growth, it has made (to him)
the right choices.

> And yet what's your answer?  More of the same!

   Horse manure. The answer is ***DIFFERENT*** government policies.
Such as *not* giving away a lot of land and mineral assets.

   And different government policies ***DO*** work, such as the
environmental cleanups of several places. Where were the Heroes of
Capitalist Labor who cleaned up the Cuyahoga River?

   For example, Mr. Langrrr bleats about how un-Libertarian the US
government is -- he also calls for different government policies.

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