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> > > You'll note that the worst environmental degradation has always
> > > occurred in media that are not solely owned - national forests in
> > > United States and Russia, oil spills, air pollution.
> Except formerly-private superfund cleanup sites,

Many of which are government-owned and are the result of government
operations, or are otherwise the responsbility of businesses which have
long been out of existence and are the result of incorrect practices
which were not known at the time to be incorrect.

> except uranium mines in the
> southwest,

Most of which were on public lands.

> except iron mines in the north central, except, except, except.
> I'm not arguing that no degradation has occured on public land -- the
BLM has
> opened up the American west to private interests for quite awhile.

Public lands - tragedy of the commons.

>  The Park's
> Service has paved over far too much of our system.

Tragedy of the commons again.

> However, to argue that the
> worst degradation occurs on openly owned land doesn't really even
warrant a
> response.  Why should I bother responding to someone who's clearly

I'll quote Doug Bashford on this one:  ""And how would we predict the
kook high on delusions
to respond?  "We're not crazy, everybody else is!"
Long and wordy, as rational sounding as possible, right?
To claim that their uninformed armchair postulating is
better the evil near-sighted  experts any day, right?
Or some such?"

Nader supporter Doug Bashford in sci.environment on October 5, 2000

"Oh I get it.  If somebody disagrees with your holy skree,
it must be due to misunderstanding....or mental retardation, pehaps? Oh
yeah!...Or the evil "statist" conspiracy?
"We're not CRAZY!  Everybody ELSE IS!!!!"    <smile>"

Nader supporter Doug Bashford in sci.environment on October 19, 2000

> > > And yet what's your answer?  More of the same!
> Who's arguing for more of that?  Since when have environmentalists
run any
> environmental protection agency?

I see - so we're denying people like Carol Browner, Katie McGinty, and
Doug Wheeler are environmentalists?

 - Andrew Langer

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