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If you would like to participate in the request outlined below,
please forward this to others, and especially to any editors of
scientific journals with whom you may have contact. Much thanks
for your help.

A Call to Scientific Journals to Assist Developing Countries

The online journal ScienceWeek calls upon all science journals
with online editions to join us in an effort to increase the
dissemination of scientific information and improve science
education in the developing world. Although many scientific
societies do engage in international efforts to improve science
education and disseminate information, there is no substitute
for access to scientific journals, and making the electronic
editions of such journals available free to residents in
developing countries can provide a substantial contribution to
the future health and prosperity of these nations.

Our current policy at ScienceWeek is to offer free online
subscriptions to residents of developing countries in the
following manner: For each new paid subscription to Scienceweek,
an equivalent free subscription is immediately provided to a
developing country resident who has requested to be put on the
waiting list for such a subscription. Details and the definition
of "developing country" can be found at

A policy identical or similar to the above can easily be
instituted by any online journal, and the consequence will be a
significant improvement in the access of working scientists and
science educators in developing countries to scientific
information. Such free access will surely benefit developing
countries, the international science community, and the entire
world. The Editors of ScienceWeek will be happy to assist the
editors of any journal in constructing a list of developing
country recipients for free subscriptions.

Concerning ScienceWeek: Delivered by Email only, ScienceWeek has
appeared regularly each week since May 1, 1997. The journal
provides summaries of important new scientific research, with
explications, glossaries, and background material, the mission to
improve communication between scientists and between scientists
and the public. For details about ScienceWeek, see

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