Forest Circus Budget Reform Campaign

Karl Davies karl at
Tue Sep 12 08:18:50 EST 2000

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Forest Circus Budget Reform Campaign
> Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter at the bottom right corner of
> the web site.
> Each state should have such a reform campaign to bring its state
> agencies up to snuff.

Is "reform" of any of these agencies possible?  Or are they so hopeless
as to require total elimination and replacement with something else
entirely?  The latter is definitely the case regarding the Forest
Circus, and I would suspect the the same is true for most state
"forestry" (read logging) agencies.

BTW, how did the GAO and Taxpayers for Common Sense come up with only
$1.05 billion in losses for 1995-97?  With total budgets of around $3.5
billion per year, and less than $.1 billion being returned to the
Treasury, I figure the Forest Circus is losing at least $6.4 BILLION PER
YEAR because public land forest management should cost no more than 35%
of gross receipts.


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