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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Fri Sep 15 06:36:52 EST 2000

Bill Samal, a wood buyer for an electric utility monopoly in
northern Vermont, wrote:

> Since a reference was made to that letter can we see it?

Oh, you can read about it in my "The Smoking Gun of government
complicity with the logging industry against real foresters"
rant. Just go to
In there you'll see an URL to the letter. The recipient of the
letter from the Director, sent a copy of it to some "other"
dangerously revolutionary consultant from western Massachusetts-
who passed it to me so that I can pass it, the smoking gun, to
everyone on planet Earth, to show everyone on this planet how
enlightened the logging... er... I mean the forestry
establishment is. <G>

The name of the consultant who got this inspiring letter from
the Director isn't given as he, like most consultants, is too
timid to have his name in public over such a delicate issue of
extremely revolutionary importance, but he is a Mass. consultant
and member of the Mass. Assoc. of Professional Foresters.

Ayup, our glorious Duh-rector said to that dangerous
revolutionary that requiring a licensed forester's signature on
a logging plan is, "a revolutionary change that would profoundly
and negatively affect timber industry".


No doubt it would profoundly affect the timber industry and the
entire forestry establishment, but as to how he concluded that
the affect would be "negative" is one of the profound mysteries
of the universe. Perhaps Mr. Frederick will enlighten the world
on this subject, and how this statement aligns with the mission
of the job he holds, according to state law, which I posted in
my above mentioned "rant".

> At 02:41 AM 9/15/00 -0700, Joseph Zorzin wrote:
>> Dear Editor of The Northern Logger and Timber Processor:
>> In your September issue, I see a letter from Gregory T.
>> Rose, a
>> logger and forest owner, who strongly objected to my earlier
>> letter to your magazine in which I had called for all
>> logging to
>> be under the direction of a licensed forester.
>> I would like to add a few comments. The forestry
>> establishment
>> of state forestry agencies, forestry educators, the Society
>> of
>> American Foresters, The Massachusetts Association of
>> Professional Foresters, The Massachusetts Wood Producers,
>> The
>> Massachusetts Forestry Association, other forester and
>> forestry
>> associations in the region, state politicians, the Harvard
>> Forest intellectuals, the Massachusetts and Connecticut
>> Extension Foresters, and apparently all environmental
>> organizations throughout the region are in complete and
>> total
>> agreement with Mr. Rose.
>> The Director of the Massachusetts Division of Forests and
>> Parks
>> Bureau of Forestry, Todd Frederick, has expressed the
>> opinion of
>> this establishment in a letter to a consultant in which he
>> said
>> that such an idea (requiring a licensed forester to file
>> logging
>> plans) is "revolutionary". So, with such strong support, Mr.
>> Rose can relax and not have to worry about foresters being
>> in
>> charge of forestry.
>> --
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>> Massachusetts Licensed Forester #261
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