[saf-news] Log Heights

Mike H. mhagen at olympus.net
Fri Sep 15 18:53:51 EST 2000

Ya'll are confusing the issue, or perhaps we're not using the same

Out west standing timber is cruised (statistically sampled while
standing in a howling rain on a steep sidehill). It is then cut into
logs, scaled (measured directly while laying in a truck, in the rain),
banded and transported to a mill or sorting yard where it's likely
scaled again and bar coded (measured directly while under a tin roof),
then cut into products which are then measured yet again (board by
board, with lasers). Mill overrun doesn't happen until the last step. 

 Mill under and over run is an artifact of diagram based log scales,
high tech saws and to a lesser degree, grade and defect. It has nothing
to do with the statistical "error" of a timber cruise - which would be
atrocious if heights were simply predicted by an algorithm - but may
also be a usable statistic.

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