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Well, didn't I forsee this in a previous posting? Being in the USFS myself and watching the Federal horizon, I knew that Congress would attempt to revisit the Salvage Rider method of expediting the sales to get them to "market". There is, in a very small way, a good reason to deal differently with this "emergency" situation but, "salvage" sales are not always what they appear to be. Fire salvage sales do have an urgency to them in salvaging the burned timber before it goes bad. Thinning sales are NOT to be considered salvage sales, need to be designed as "restoration" projects and must proceed through proper channels on their own merits. The 90 day limits, while excellent in expediting needed projects, also carry the potential for serious "manipulation" such as, foot dragging, in order to use up the 90 days and make any serious or controversial considerations a moot point. I do fear that the need for increased logging in the west will result in some of those larger, more fire resistent trees being cut. While I would agree that the need for "some" streamlining for some projects, I would also agree that some oversight is essential for making sure that we (the USFS) are doing what is right for the land and not what is right for the humans (who want to profit <excessively> from the land).

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