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Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Wow, as you all can see- the SAF is freaking out. They're
> pulling up the drawbridge and closing ranks. <G> They gotta
> drive out the heretics. <G> I think panic is setting in -
> they're going paranoid. All decadent organizations do that just
> before they go belly up.
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> Subject: forestry-focus Change in SAF-news
> Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 16:09:33 -0700
> From: Jennifer Plyler <plylerj at safnet.org>
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> SAF-news Participants
> Many SAF-news participants have recently communicated to the Society of
> American Foresters (SAF) National Office staff that SAF-news has digressed
> from its original intent to become "a vehicle for slander, open flaming, and
> overtly rude, and sarcastic postings of participants." Consequently, two
> major changes have been made to SAF-news.


> First, we have changed the name from SAF-news to Forestry Focus to more
> accurately reflect the intent of the discussion list. Forestry Focus is
> intended to serve the broad conservation community as a tool to exchange
> information and ideas about forestry and natural resource issues.
> Secondly, after careful consideration and thorough examination of other
> discussion lists with similar missions, we have decided to enlist the
> assistance of two SAF members, Steve Wilent and David Swenk, to serve as
> moderators for this list. From this point forward, all messages will be
> screened prior to posting to ensure that they adhere to the new guidelines
> established by this group of SAF volunteers. The SAF National Office will
> continue to sponsor Forestry Focus but the moderators, acting independently
> of the national office staff, will serve as administrators of the list.
> No e-mail addresses have been added or deleted from this list. However, by
> continuing to subscribe to this list, you are agreeing to the new
> guidelines, rules, and moderation processes established by the moderators
> and outlined below. If at any time you feel that you cannot adhere to the
> new guidelines, rules, or moderation processes, please unsubscribe your
> e-mail by sending a blank message to
> <mailto:forestry-forum-unsubscribe at igc.topica.com>
> forestry-focus-unsubscribe at igc.topica.com.
> The posting of messages may be delayed until the new system is in place and
> all the nuances have been worked out. We appreciate your patience during
> this transition time.
> We welcome your comments and feedback on the new format of this discussion
> list so that we may better determine if it is meeting your needs. Please
> direct comments to Jennifer Plyler, SAF Communications Manager at:
> plylerj at safnet.org, (301) 897-8720, ext. 117, or fax (301) 897-3690.
> We look forward to your continued participation in Forestry Focus.
> William H. Banzhaf
> SAF Executive Vice President
> (new welcome message)
> Welcome to Forestry Focus
> Welcome to Forestry Focus, formally SAF-news, sponsored by the Society of
> American Foresters (SAF) located in Bethesda, MD. Forestry Focus is a
> moderated list that has been established for those interested in discussing
> forestry and natural resource issues. It is intended to serve as a way for
> the conservation community to exchange information and ideas about forestry
> and natural resource issues.
> This list is moderated, which means that a volunteer group of Society of
> American Foresters' (SAF) members screens all messages prior to posting them
> to the entire group. By screening messages, it ensures that they adhere to
> the rules, guidelines, and moderation processes outlined below.
> Although SAF does not censor or undertake editorial control of messages
> posted, the Society wants to maintain the integrity and objective of the
> discussion list. Therefore, the following rules, guidelines, and moderation
> process will regulate list usage. By participating in this discussion list,
> you agree to adhere to the rules, guidelines, and moderation process
> established by the moderators. If at any time you feel that you cannot
> adhere to these guidelines, please unsubscribe your e-mail by sending a
> blank message to  <mailto:saf-news-unsubscribe at igc.topica.com>
> forestry-focus-unsubscribe at igc.topica.com.
> Rules
> Flaming is prohibited. A flame is when you call someone names, are overtly
> rude, or are blatantly sarcastic or condescending. Anything worth saying
> can, and must, be stated in polite terms. Comments that are intended only to
> enrage the recipient rather than contribute to thoughtful discussion are
> prohibited.
> Profanity and vulgarity is prohibited.
> Advertisements are prohibited.
> Spam and sales pitches are not allowed. (Yes, we know you free email
> folks--like Juno and Hot Mail--can't get around your emails having a Juno or
> Hot Mail footer. That's ok.)
> Publicizing items of potential interest to list members, such as new
> releases of software packages, publications, conferences etc. is permissible
> and encouraged.
> Do not post off-topic. Messages may address any broad forestry or natural
> resources related issues, and the moderators will give considerable leeway.
> Virus warnings are strongly discouraged.
>         1.5 Posting of copyrighted material. According to U.S. copyright
> law, posting copyrighted material on the SAF listserver is legal, if it is
> intended for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching,
> scholarship, or research. This includes whole articles or portions of
> articles. Whenever you post such material, cite the title of the work,
> author, source (name of newspaper, magazine, book title, website, or other
> source), publication date, and website address where the material may be
> found (if available). For long articles, it's best to include only brief
> excerpts in listserv messages, accompanied by information about how to
> locate the full text.
> 6.      Anonymous messages will not be forwarded to the list. If there is a
> compelling reason why your identity should be withheld then you should
> present your case to the moderator.
>         1.7 Protect yourself and others against computer viruses. Files
> attached to messages, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or any
> other file that you can open and run, may carry viruses. Such infected files
> can be spread through listservers or by ordinary e-mail messages. To prevent
> your computer from becoming infected, it's a good practice to have virus
> detection software installed on your computer and to delete, without
> opening, any files from unknown or untrustworthy sources.
> Guidelines
> Format
> The preferred format for list messages is plain text. Subscribers whose mail
> clients default to other formats such as HTML should configure them to send
> plain text when posting to the list. Sending MIME file attachments of any
> kind is discouraged because subscribers with plain text mail cannot read
> them.
> Limit the total size of your message to 10k.
> Limit your signature file to 8 lines or less.
> To make it easier for all who read the posts, cut out all of the original
> post except the few sentences that you are replying to. Also, note who
> originally said what when quoting.
> Put a descriptive subject on your original message. Title your response to
> be Re: followed by the subject of the actual message to which you are
> responding. When replying to a digest post, change the subject line in your
> message.
> Content
> Say something substantial. Simply saying "I agree" (in so many words) or "I
> disagree" (in so many words) does not meet this guideline.
> Say something new. Mere redundancy will not convince an opponent of their
> error.
> Just because you "get in the last word" doesn't mean you won the argument.
> If you have a business connection to a product or service mentioned in your
> post, this should be clear to anyone reading the message.
> Moderation Process
> Violation of a Rule will result in the message being omitted from the list,
> and the poster will be issued a warning.
> Excessive or flagrant violation of the Guidelines may result in issuance of
> a warning.
> After two warnings, violators will be removed from the list without notice.
> If several messages are returned to the listserver for whatever reason (full
> mailbox, server problems, etc.), the member will be unsubscribed without
> warning.
> Discussion List Reminders
> If you leave on vacation, please DO NOT set an automatic reply. This
> function results in an extraordinary amount of messages to the moderators.
> Simply remove yourself from the discussion list and re-subscribe when you
> return.
> To post messages to Forestry Focus, send a message with subject heading to
> forestry-focus at igc.topica.com.
> To unsubscribe from Forestry Focus, send a blank message to
> forestry-focus-unsubscribe at igc.topica.com.
> SAF does reserve the right to cease the sponsorship of Forestry Focus at any
> time, if based on feedback from participants, the discussions are
> unproductive or no longer meeting their professional needs.
> Any specific questions or concerns about Forestry Focus should be directed
> to Jennifer Plyler, SAF Communications Manager at: plylerj at safnet.org, (301)
> 897-8720, ext. 117, or fax (301) 897-3690. For more information about SAF
> visit us at www.safnet.org.
> SAF is the national scientific and educational organization representing the
> forestry profession in the United States. The mission of SAF is to advance
> the science, education, technology, and practice of forestry; to enhance the
> competency of its members; to establish standards of professional
> excellence; and to use the knowledge, skills, and conservation ethic of the
> profession to ensure the continued health and use of forest ecosystems and
> the present and future availability of
> forest resources to benefit society.

Joe  Zorzin
"If you can’t say something nice, say something surrealistic."
Zippy the Pinhead

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