NASF, corporate stooges?

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Joseph Zorzin wrote:

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> fascist forestry world
> Here in USA, the National Assoc. of State Foresters, last fall, issued
> the following "resolution", on their web site at

I believe that should be Goes to
show how the NASF is just another racket, feeding off of taxpayers and
corporados.  Just like their big brothers in the USFS.

> This resolution proves that the NASF's primary interest is to work FOR
> these corporations, while pretending to work for the public's
> interest. Basicly, they're corporate stooges. These guys get good
> salaries, they should be able to have annual meetings without blowing
> these corporations. This should be seen for what it is- a scandal.
> Yet, they're PROUD of it!

Yup, meanwhile the private forests that they're supposedly helping to
manage are getting high-graded from coast to coast.  Despite Duh
Massachusetts Chief Forester's false claims to the the US Senate (on
behalf of the NASF and its corporate clients)--that all logging is
silviculture, forest management and forestry--high-grading is not
silviculture, forest management or forestry.

I figure the total NEGATIVE economic impact of all this FALSE FORESTRY
is around $750 BILLION per year, and that's just for the timber value on
non-industrial private forest (NIPF) lands.  If you include the impact
on ecosystem services, it's even more.

Here's how I come to this conclusion:  The annual loss in productivity
due to rampant high-grading (past and present) is around $50 per acre
per year.  There are around 300 million acres of NIPF land in the
country.  The multiplier to determine total economic impact from forest
products is about 50 times the stumpage value.  Do the math.

In my opinion, the entire leadership of the NASF, SAF, AF&PA, and all
the other CORPORATE STOOGES in the so-called forestry profession should
be in jail under the RICO statutes for aiding and abetting in this huge


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