Resorts on Idaho's Wild Salmon River Must Be Removed

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Subject: Resorts on Idaho's Wild Salmon River Must Be Removed

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - September 27, 2000

Resorts on Idaho's Wild Salmon River Must Be Removed

In a major victory for Wild and Scenic River protection nationwide, a
federal court has ruled that three resorts on the Wild and Scenic Salmon
River in central Idaho must be removed.  "The law is clear: the construction
of permanent resort lodges is not permitted in the Wild River corridor,"
wrote U.S. Circuit Judge Sidney R. Thomas in the ruling.  The Wild and
Scenic Rivers Act requires the river and its shorelines to remain
"essentially primitive."  The court rejected the Forest Service's claim that
"essentially primitive" is ambiguous and thus subject to the agency's

. . . Wilderness Watch, the national wilderness organization that brought
the lawsuit, hailed the 51- page decision as an unprecedented triumph for
wild rivers.  According to the group's attorney Jack Tuholske, "It's a great
victory for wild rivers and upholds Congress' clear direction that they
remain 'vestiges of primitive America.'"  The decision can be viewed at For more information:  George Nickas,
Wilderness Watch, 406/542-2048; mailto:gnickas at 

GEORGIA FOREST WATCH RETREAT SEPT 29-OCT 1:  Georgia Forest Watch and The
Wilderness Society will hold their Annual Activist Retreat at Camp Enota in
Hiawassee, Georgia this weekend.  The retreat will feature talks with
experts, discussions with front line activists, and hikes with naturalists.
For more information:  Georgia Forest Watch, 706/635-8733.

LOGGING ON MARK TWAIN STOPPED AGAIN:  Appeals from Heartwood have forced the
Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri to withdraw the first two timber
sales it's offered in the past two years.  These two sales, Eastwood and
Jones Ranch, would have logged over 2,000 acres, and the Jones Ranch sale
was located near the Current River, a Wild and Scenic River. For more
information: Jim Bensman, Heartwood, mailto:jbensman at 

PREDATOR CONFERENCE:  Predator Conservation Alliance is holding a
conference, "Predators, People, and Places: Finding a Balance," this October
6-8 at Yellowstone National Park.  Come learn more about the important role
native predators play in the landscape of the Northern Rockies.  For more
information:  Tom Skeele, mailto:tom at   

ARIZONA FEE DEMO DEFENDANTS WIN IN COURT:  A federal judge has thrown out
criminal charges against four Tucson activists who were cited for not paying
a $5 recreation fee on the Coronado National Forest in Arizona.  U.S.
District court Judge Frank Zapata determined that the government did not
have sufficient proof to find the four defendants guilty of a crime that
could carry a $5,000 fine and six months in jail for each.  For more
information: Sky Jacobs, Arizona Earth First, 520/791-2913;
mailto:az_earth_first at  

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