Planting Black walnut tree

D. Staples dstaples at
Tue Apr 3 15:57:24 EST 2001

Moderately fast grower, medium to large tree depending on how and where it
is planted, wont harm neighbors but be aware that walnuts have a particular
chemical that wont allow some plants to germinate or grown inside the drip
line. Don't up root it, another tree wont be a great deal different.

Only thing on a walnut is that quite often they will loose a terminal bud
and two laterals will take over and have a "schoolmarm" top.  Walnuts
respond well to pruning, for a tall tree, keep a single stem, for a lower
wider crown clip the terminal bud at some point and spread the crown.

And just think of all those walnut cookies!

Don Staples

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<Srfr1 at> wrote in message news:6f.136f2a65.27fb7af3 at
> Planted 2 black walnut trees in the backyard recently.  I live in Northern
> California.  Does the tree grow very big?  Does it harm neighbouring fruit
> trees?  Should I uproot it now before it is too late?  So many questions
> my mind.  I don't want to spend a lot of time taking care of, chopping
> branches etc.  Please advice.
> Thanks.
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