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 What every American who watches or reads the news needs to know!


Do you believe-like millions of other Americans that if its in print in your newspaper, it must be 
true?  That TV News can't lie? That the broadcasters on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS are objective 
and truthful? -

If so, your faith in media journalism will be jolted by NBC in Lebanon: A 
Study of Media Misrepresentation, the sensational, but factual, 57 minute 
TV documentary, written and directed by Peter Emanuel Goldman and 
produced by Americans for a Safe Israel.
NBC in Lebanon was first shown in 1983 and became a sensation, because 
it proved beyond a doubt that NBC deliberately distorted the news and 
became an advocate for the PLO against Israel.
The documentary proved that the media falsifies and deliberately manipulates 
the news.  This video has become the classic example of media manipulation. 
It focused on NBC, but all the networks and most of the print media were 
guilty of the same biases and misrepresentations.

NBC devoted nearly 600 minutes to its coverage of the 1982 war in Lebanon. 
Less than 30 minutes of this was given to the Israeli viewpoint or to a factual 
background of the war.  About 570 minutes were presented from the 
PLO/Arab viewpoint, a ratio of 19-1.
Nor did NBC reveal to its viewers the background of the war –- the persecution of the 
Lebanese population by the PLO, the deadly terrorist attacks on Israel, the massive stockpiling 
of weapons by the PLO in Lebanon, the use of hospitals and schools as weapons depots and 
fighting positions, the use of Lebanon as a base for terrorist camps and much more. NBC 
simply became an advocate for the PLO.

NBC was only marginally worse than the other networks. ABC, CBS and PBS were all guilty 
of bias and advocacy journalism.  In a democracy, where opinions and actions are formed 
based on the information presented, abuse of the airways  can be very dangerous.
Unfortunately, the media today is doing exactly what it did in 1982, 
falsifying the news about Israel and the Arab-Israel conflict. "NBC in 
Lebanon" is, thus, as relevant today as it was 18 years ago.
If you are a student of media or communications, this video is a must. But it 
should be required for everyone who watches or reads the news and wants to 
understand media bias.
And if the media can do this with Israel, why can it not do the same thing 
with respect to China, Europe, Social Security, religion, the Church, 
sexuality, abortion, politics, radical Islam, Africa, the Balkans, Latin America, 
the Left, the Right, conservatives, liberals, etc?
It can and it does.
Media bias against Israel has many causes, including: 
*  The tremendous power of Arab oil and money, which effects most 
corporations, and advertisers 
*  Intimidation and terror. During the war in Lebanon, a dozen foreign 
journalists were killed by the PLO for not reporting the news the way the 
organization wanted. In the TV documentary, we have a clip taken with a 
secret camera of a PLO operative warning and threatening the journalists. 
Today journalists are also being threatened by the PLO and the Palestinian 
Authority. Yet the media did not and does not inform its readers and 
viewers about the murders and the intimidation.
*  Left wing bias of most journalists.  After the Six-Day War, Palestinian 
terrorist organizations became the darlings of the Left. Most journalists 
(though not all) are advocates for their cause and slant the news to fit their 
pre-conceived views.
*  Anti-Semitism.
*  The influence of Arab oil and money on governments.
*  Left- wing and self-hating Jews in the journalist profession.
*  Lack of any coherent information campaign by the Israeli government 
*  Threats to editors and publishers by radical Islamic groups, forcing a sort 
of self-censorship
*  The pack mentality of journalists in the major media, who tend to report 
the news all in the same way.
*  Dislike of Judeo-Christian  religious values amongst liberal/left journalists.

NBC in Lebanon is the classic example of media bias.  After you have seen 
this video you will know, without any room for doubt, that the media lies, 
distorts and falsifies. You will know that the media often practices advocacy 
journalism, with little regard for the truth.

This is a powerful, disturbing and shocking video.
The research and solid factual basis of the documentary were so compelling 
that the print media had to acknowledge it.
This is what the print media had to say 
about "NBC in Lebanon:"
Congress Monthly:
" A conscientious and utterly damning indictment of the network's coverage 
of the war in Lebanon last year The effect is overwhelming and persuasive -
Cynthia Grenier , Congress Monthly, Sept-Oct. 1983 

The New York Times:
"NBC in Lebanon...raises significant questions about television journalism. It 
attempts to prove, and to a large extent does prove, that coverage by the 
NBC Nightly News of the Israeli invasion in the summer of 1982 is faulty 
...The documentary, judiciously using NBC's own film, suggests that NBC 
was indeed taking sides and pressing the viewpoint of the PLO. 'NBC in 
Lebanon' disquieting for people who watch the evening news." 
-John Corry, The New York Times, Feb 18,1984 

Christian Science Monitor:
"The documentary clips from actual NBC broadcasts that 
time and time again seem to show that NBC slanted its coverage... The 
accusations appear too grave to be ignored." 
-Christian Science Monitor, July 1.1983 

National Public Radio:
"Peter Goldman's film... is one more element of pressure on the networks 
that could force changes." 
-National Public Radio, July 1, 1983 

The Jewish Week, New York:
"A one-hour video program that documents serious errors and anti-Israel 
bias in NBC's television coverage of the war in Lebanon... The show 
revealed that NBC...never informed its viewers that reporters were not free to 
tell the truth because of the PLO's reign of terror against journalists it could 
not control. A dozen foreign and Lebanese journalists who opposed the PLO 
were killed during the years immediately preceding the Israeli campaign. " 
-The Jewish Week. New York July 8.1983 

Hadassah Magazine:
 "Your faith in media journalism will be jolted by NBC in Lebanon: A Study 
of Media Misrepresentation written and directed by Peter Emanuel 
Goldman...Methodically, the film piles up evidence of deliberate manipulation 
of the news and demolishes the myth of TV accuracy." 
-Hannah Grad Goodman, Hadassah Magazine, Aug. 1983

If you have any interest in the news, or if you wish to learn how the news 
media is manipulating you, then you must purchase "NBC in Lebanon". We 
guarantee that you will be stunned as you begin to understand how the Peter 
Jennings, the Tom Brokaws and the John Chancellors of the airways as well 
as the news agencies, daily newspapers and weekly newsmagazines like 
TIME, misrepresent, carefully select, censor, and falsify the news.
They did it in the 1980's. They are still doing it today.

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