Christmas trees harvest?

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Sat Dec 15 15:40:40 EST 2001

I hope that the lack of activity on alt.forestry is due to everyone's
harvesting of Christmas trees at elevated prices. Seems like 9-11
caused a lot of people to pull in roots and opt for the fresh
Christmas tree aromas: holiday aromatherapy.

BTW, anyone know of a source of Incense cedar, Western red cedar,
White pine, Noble fir, White fir or Subalpine fir essential oils? I'd
kind of think there was a market for these, but haven't heard much
about them. Some of us like the idea of being surrounded by the aroma
of Christmas swags without the cleanup.

I use a couple of drops of something called "Home for the Holidays"
from Garden Botanica: about $5-10 per .5 fl. oz. as I recall. It makes
a better room odorizer than almost anything else I can think of
(except fresh swags or Christmas trees, maybe).

Daniel B. Wheeler

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