The AF&PA's influence on state forestry politics

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Sun Feb 4 07:49:37 EST 2001

The AF&PA's influence on state forestry politics

The AF&PA has an ultra slick web site at

I rooted around in the mire, and found the following at

My commentary is interspersed with the text found at that URL.

> State Affairs
>  Today more and more political battles are fought in our state
> capitals, not Washington D.C. This devolution of policymaking
> authority to the states has resulted in an increase in state
> activity that challenges the forest and paper industry’s
> ability to operate at all levels — from wood lots to pulp
> mills.

Translation to English: ".... that challenges the forest and
paper industry's ability to operate at all levels in the style
that we have become accustomed."

>  Collaborating with member companies and AF&PA’s
> environmental, forest and product policy teams, AF&PA’s State
> Government Affairs department is committed to promoting
> policies in the best interests of the forest and paper
> industry.

And of course finding collaborators in state forestry agencies,
non profit organizations and state forestry schools- and even a
few moles in enviro groups.

> Maintaining industry visibility across the nation,

Translation to English: "maintaining our ideology across the

> AF&PA State Affairs team

AF&PA Liason With Our State Comrades Dept.

> employs a number of in-state contract lobbyists

sellouts- in state governments? academia? non profits?

> and participates in coalitions and regional/national public
> policy groups.

tea parties of the collaborators

> AF&PA State Government Affairs distributes a variety of
> publications to keep members informed

to keep them brainwashed and to distribute the party line

> of current state trends, issues, and activities.

and dangerous ecoforestry revolutionaries <G>


Joe Zorzin

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