Water Ring

Jerry K Unger ungerjk at ipa.net
Fri Feb 16 15:28:57 EST 2001

Nurserymen + Landscapers + Government + Retail sales

Water Ring "The Life Preserver for Trees", Rose Bushes & Plants
Moveable,  Reusable,  Drip-to-Root Irrigation System

Consider adding this proven profit making product to your inventory.
                "Gardeners Love It, - - because It Works! "

     Can reduce excess water usage up to 90%

The low volume requirements and universal pricing offers a level playing
field for everyone to be competitive & profitable.

Product Information, Pricing & Ordering: ungerjk at ipa.net

"Lowest wholesale price on the Internet" Guaranteed.

Product Slogan: " Fill It and Forget It" (for two weeks)

Water & Nutrition Usage, Tree & Plant loss due to Drought, Labor cost
related to plant replacement and conventional watering.


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Anchor Watering Rings
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