How much wood

Tom Stone tstone at
Mon Jan 1 11:09:39 EST 2001

"A. Melon" wrote:

> The only thing certain is that the timberlands of the Southeast are changing in
> a vast ecological experiment. The key to this change, as opposed to the
> Northwest, is that government is exerting little or no control over how the land
> is managed. Only time will reveal the end result.

Where have you been?  Up until the 50's people thought there was an inexhaustible
supply of timber in Florida, so they didn't replant.  Maybe the increase in timber
harvesting is a result of the timber farms maturing and coming to harvest.  Are they
ruining our environment? No, that was done 50+ years ago.  The two destroyers of the
natural habitats in Florida are the drainage ditch and fire suppression.

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