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Steven Jones wrote:

> Karl Davies wrote:
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> > "D. Staples" wrote:
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> > According to Richard Duncan, the end of the "Petroleum Interval" (to be
> > distinguished by its brevity from the "Ages" of stone, bronze, iron) will
> > begin when those lights start going out, and it will be in a matter of
> > years, not decades.  See  Big question is
> > where will it start?  Russia?  East Asia?  Central and South America?
> > California???
> >
> > KD
> The current Atlantic Mag (Dec, I believe) has an article on oil.
> It says that because of the improvements in the methods of finding
> new oil and extracting oil from previously abandoned fields, that
> there are more known oil reserves now, than there have ever been.
> Worth a read.

Sorry, but any article on oil that starts out with the quote "Knowledge, not
petroleum, is becoming the critical
resource in the oil business..." is not worth reading, IMO.  This is just
another classic "we'll never run out of oil" piece, and the author, Rauch, is a
lowly journalist, not even an economist! <G>  Furthermore, journalists who kiss
Lord Larry Summers' butt are the lowest of the low.  See

Anyone interested in some cornucopian entertainment can find Rauch's article at


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