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Tue Jan 2 19:15:31 EST 2001

Steven Jones wrote:

> Karl Davies wrote:


> > Sorry, but any article on oil that starts out with the quote "Knowledge, not
> > petroleum, is becoming the critical
> > resource in the oil business..." is not worth reading, IMO.  This is just
> > another classic "we'll never run out of oil" piece, and the author, Rauch, is a
> > lowly journalist, not even an economist! <G>  Furthermore, journalists who kiss
> > Lord Larry Summers' butt are the lowest of the low.  See
> >
> >
> > Anyone interested in some cornucopian entertainment can find Rauch's article at
> >
> >
> Since this is really off topic to this group and your reply is
> mostly a non sequitur,


OK, I made a logical leap.  The biggest part of the problem re the general public
ignorance of the coming oil crisis is due to the massive ignorance of ECONOMISTS.
Economists think the world runs on money, not energy.  Of course they're wrong, dead
wrong.  See, and the web page
linked from there, for a brief indication of why and how they are so wrong.  Search
the archive at energyresources for "economists" for more info.


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