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Thu Jan 4 08:20:34 EST 2001

> In countries like England where gun ownership if virtually banned
> there is a rising tide of violent robberies and associated violence
> as the criminal element realizes that people are vulnerable even
> while in their own homes.

Living in the UK myself, I can inform you that although in my opinion
any incident involving use of a gun is a gun problem, our gun problem
is incomparable to yours. The vast majority of British people will
never even see a gun in their entire lifetime, because of this, we
probably tend to see the gun more for what it is; A brutal and
unnecessary killing machine. We neither want, nor have use for guns in
society in this country, the only reason you do is because that's the
way history has formed. Now you have them, they can't be taken away,
it's ingrained in your culture.

I'm not saying we have a violent-crime-free country, of course not, but
I disagree with what you say about criminals taking advantage of the
fact that there are basically no guns. Rather, because of this, most do
not carry guns themselves - they're too difficult to get hold of to be
worth the bother.

Presence of guns will always help escalate violence because they are a
clean, easy way to kill. The criminal doesn't have to be completely
psychologically involved in what he is doing, he can just stand at a
distance and pull a trigger.

I'm not helping your situation much here, but rather giving you a
glimpse of what your society may have been like if guns hadn't become
so much a part of your culture. Actually, you only need to look as far
as Canada to see that.

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