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Scott Nudds af329 at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Sat Jan 6 19:05:31 EST 2001

David Gossman (dgossman at gcisolutions.com) wrote:
: Actually Nudds, that you can not see that your posts proved nothing
: regarding what I said simply demonstrates the serious state of self delusion
: that you continue to find yourself in. Get help soon Nudds.

  Gossman once again proves himself incapable of logical argument.  He
resorts to his typical pattern of ignorant denial and personal insults.

  Once again I will illustrate his murderous undertone of his extremist
conservative ideology...

Gossman's lies
"I suppose this is consistant with the claim made by
Libertarian/Rayndite Gossman who holds that those who threaten the
rights he claims to hold, can be murdered without legal penalty." -
Scott Nudds
"Nudds yet again provides a post that proves himself the liar since I
said no such thing." - David Gossman - April 10, 2000 - Sci.Environment
There is no right to life for someone that violates or threatens the right
of others." - "David Gossman" <dgossman at gcisolutions.com> -
austin.general,sci.environment,talk.environment - Aug 9, 1999

: > Gossman Jabbers:
: > : Nudds knows that correlation is not causation.
: >
: >   But apparently Gossman doesn't.  For it is not I who has attempted to
: > argue that the cause of lowered murder rates is a higher gun ownership
: > rate, it is gun grubbers like Gossman and the NRA.
: >
: >   What a shame the evidence is against him.
: >
: >   No doubt he will follow up with more fabrications and lies as he
: > typically does.   Perhaps he will simply engage in denial - another common
: > tactic among extremist conservatives like Gossman.

Gossman jabbers:
: Actaully the studies that I am referring to compared demographically similar
: states over the same time period where one state inacted concealed carry
: laws and the other did not.

  Gossman holds up dishonest NRA statistics while ignoring honest CDC
statistis that once again prove him to be a liar.

Gossman Jabbers:
: The crime rates can then be compared without any other factors screwing
: up the data.

 Indeed lets compare murder rates.

Murder rate/100K comparison of U.S. and Canadian cities of equal size
Stats Can/FBI figures (1992)
Canada                 United States
-------------------    --------------------
St. Johns       0.6    Seattle         11.0
Ottawa-Hull     1.4    Boston          12.7
Winnipeg        2.0    Denver          19.3
Toronto         2.3    Philadelphia    26.5
Halifax         2.5    New York City   27.0
Montreal        3.3    Los Angeles     30.0
Vancouver       3.7    Miami           34.2
Edmonton        3.8    Dallas          37.0
Calgary         4.6    Detroit         57.0
Thunder Bay     5.6    Washington      75.2

: >   On several occasions I have asked Gossman to tell me what aspect of
: > American life makes more murderous and less civilized than the rest of the
: > first world.
: >
: >   To date he has been unable to produce a sentient response.

Gossman jabbers:
: That you have been unable to understand is the issue.

  Quite laughable coming from Gossman the lying Libertarian who has
repeatedly demonstrated his need to continuously redefine the english
language to support his extremist conservative ideology, even to the point
of promoting the murder of citizens who simply "threaten" what he
proclaims - often incorrectly - what are his rights.

Gossman Jabbers:
: Just look at where gun
: violence is high and where it is not - oops, that would have you looking at
: the high violence areas of Chicago, New York, and DC where hand guns are
: already banned - to bad Nudds, you loose.

  Gosman isn't smart enough to realize that guns are available in these
places because they are purchased in convenient locations where he and his
murderous NRA brethren have made guns plentyful and easy to purchase.

  It is no coincidence that the NRA is opposed to restrictions on gun
sales, weapons registration and tracking.  Increasing the murder rate of
the U.S. is one of the main methods they have of keeping Americans fearful
of their neighbours and therfore maintaining their need to continue the
threat of murderous retribution.

  Gossman and the NRA rely on the socially destructive fact that hate
breeds hate.  This is not surprising as Gossman perpetually demonstrates
his immoral, anti-social ideology.

Gossman Jabbers:
: Nudds now thinks that the elederly should defend themselves from home
: invaders with hat pins. You are a hoot Nudds.

  Gossman and the NRA need to maintain primitive culture based on the
threat of death in order to keep crime rates and gun sales as high as

  Meanwhile here in the civilized world, unlike the U.S. there is
typically no need for the elderly to carry either hand guns or hat pins in
order to protect themselves from their neighbours.

: >   He has even been exposed as having a desire to murder arresting police
: > officers.

Gossman jabbers:
: Your delusions are getting the better of you Nudds. Oh, my mistake - what
: "better". Get help soon Nudds. The lies you need to tell yourself and then
: post for everyone who reads them to see is destroying whatever credibility
: you ever had.

  Gossman ends his ignorant blather with another dishonest denial followed
by another personal insult.

  I thank him for providing me with yet another opportunity to expose him
as the perpetual liar he is.

Gossman defends killing police officers
"Gossman has the right to freedom of assembly and travel.  In Gossman's
world if someone were to restrict his right to travel, say by locking
him in a jail, or restricting his right to assembly such as preventing
him from attending a KKK rally, then the person or persons restricting
these rights have according to him "no right to life"." - Scott Nudds
Gossman's response:
"Which is why if someone kidnaps you in order to accomplish these goals
"may have deadly force used against them." - David Gossman -
Sci.environment - March 25, 2000

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