OT: Nostradamus on Bush

Scott Nudds af329 at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Sun Jan 7 07:06:43 EST 2001

David Gossman (dgossman at gcisolutions.com) wrote:
: He
: has refused to respond to the issue of whether or not he thinks that the
: Jews in Germany were justified in resisting the SS, ie the leghal
: authorities of that country and era.

  While Gossman is lying here - I have already answered this question,
Gossman has yet to tell us if he believes Palestinians have the right to
murder Israelis who have clearly stolen their property and are clearly
continuing a long campaign of rights violations against the Palestinian

  How many Jews would Gossman like to see murdered?

  I look forward to his refusal to answer, his denial of fact and his
attempt to change the subject through personal insult.


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