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"Scott Nudds" <af329 at freenet.hamilton.on.ca> wrote in message
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> Gossman writes:
> : Which again demonstrates Nudds ability to take a comment out of context.
>   Nothing was taken out of context at all.  Your murderous intent is
> clear.
>   Your need to immediately change the subject makes it all too evident...
I guess that must be the reason you clipped the context - please Nudds, do
try a little harder.
> Gossman writes:
> : He
> : has refused to give a straight answer to the question of whether or not
> : would use deadly force to protect his spouse or child from a kidnapping.
>   The truth is that that question has been repeately answered. Gossman
> keeps pretending that it has not been.

It has not been repeatedly answered in a straightforward manner. The one or
two times I saw a response it was a flip response that actually made an
accusation against me. If you had answered it honestly you would not be
working so hard at not answering it again.
>   I prefer honesty.
As in above - we understand your special "honesty" Nudds - we also
understand that if you actually had the guts to try the real thing it would
so damage your state of self delusion as to completely destabalize your view
of the world and your place in it. Get help soon Nudds.
> Gossman Jabbers:
> : He
> : has refused to respond to the issue of whether or not he thinks that the
> : Jews in Germany were justified in resisting the SS, ie the leghal
> : authorities of that country and era.
> I have answered that question several times as well.

Not that I have seen - care to repost?
> Like so many Libertarians Gossman is unable to distinguish between
> civilized life, and war. Indeed I have seen so many Libertarians refer to
> their opposition to civilized life as "unmitigated war" against whatever
> it is they are childishly ranting about that day.

What are you ranting about Nudds?
> In fact I have many times posted to this newsgroup a nice little article
> from one of Gossmans's Libertarian brothers which describes his preferred
> system of political assassination.  Murder Libertarian style.  Change the
> name, put it under a contract, hide the criminal, and then murder becomes
> the right of every citizen.

He is not my brother Nudds. You don't even know either one of my brothers -
try again. Your lack of logic is quite amusing.
> Now what was Gossman saying?  <Those who threaten the rights of others
> have no right to life?>

Nudds the hypocrite refuses to indicate what he would do if his spouse or
child was threatened. What were you saying Nudds?
> It appears to me that those SS were under the impression that Jews
> were threatening their rights and under Gossman's extremist conservative
> ideology were simply acting on their right to legally extinguish the life
> of those who threatened them.

You are a silly iddiot for even coming up with such confused logic - poor
Nudds seems to have gove over the deep end.
> Once again we find that on examination, Gossman's own extremist ideology
> is the origin of the very crimes that he pretends appaul him.

Only in your twisted imagination.
> I on the other hand, Unlike Libertarians Gossman and Andrew Langer of
> the Competitive Enterprise Institute, I don't promote, support, or
> demand the right to murder anyone.  Not even Libertarians like Gossman and
> Andrew Langer who threaten the lives - let alone the fundamental rights of
> every living thing.

Yet you won't answer the question in a straight forward manner of whether or
not you would use deadly force to defend your spouse or child - you are
nothing but a hypocrite making that claim and refusing to provide a staright
answer to that question.
> Andrew Langer/Gossman opposes fundamental human rights
> ------------------------------------------------------
> "As has been repeatedly observed, Libertarians like Langrrr and Gossman
> oppose the Universal declaration of human rights." - Scott Nudds
> "With very good reasons." - Andrew Langer Associate Director of
> Development CEI - sci.environment - May 2000
Nudds yet again quotes out of context in a lame attempt to shore up his
fragile state of self delusion - typical.
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