How to prepare for the coming wildfire?

William Whatley quasho at
Fri Jan 19 00:37:43 EST 2001

I would suggest creating a fuelbreak around your property, regardless of
their proposed burn.  What is often used is a three-concentric zone
approach with about 30 feet out from the structure being totally cleared
of all flammables, then 30 to 60 feet out being cleared of brush, ground
debris and dense stands of trees, then 60 to 90 feet out being thinned
of major timber.  Ideally, I would not recommend having any large timber
within 75 feet of the structure, even more if you have trees in excess
of 75 feet.   Last but not least is eliminate flammable roofing if you
have it.  By the way, call the USFS and express your concern and ask
them to come to your property for a "wildfire/urban interface
assessment". They actually have some great people whom can help you
address your concerns and increase your safety. If you are not to far
from Santa Fe, you can send me an e-mail and maybe we can help.

William Whatley
Walatowa Woodlands Initiative

rickhollinbeck at wrote:

> The Forest Service will be starting a prescribed burn a couple
> of miles up the canyon from my house this Spring.
> This is Ponderosa Forest, with Pinion Juniper.
> Needless to say, I am concerned.
> Does anyone have any advice for how to prepare for this, in
> the event that this gets out of control, as it did last year in
> New Mexico just south of us?
> I understand that if a camper's fire gets out of control and
> burns down Government forest, the cost can be billed to the
> camper, so I assume that if the Forest Service starts a fire
> that gets out of control and burns down private land and homes,
> that the government bears the burdon of cost for any damage done.
> Is this true?
> How can I prepare myself, both legally and practically for this?
> I would much prefer mechanical fire danger abatement, perhaps by
> hiring crews of workers to remove the underbrush, but I think
> the Forest Service is more interested in the less expensive method
> of lighting a fire and crossing their fingers...
> They have issued a report that their starting a forest fire
> poses "insignificant" environmental impact, and so there is no
> public review process for this.
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