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> Nostradamus wrote in 1555:
> "Come the millennium, month 12,
> In the home of greatest power,
> The village idiot will come forth
> To be acclaimed the leader."
> What has the election of 2000 shown us, the American people?
> 1. The votes of 200-500 votes in one state means more than the votes
> 200,000 people nationwide.
> 2. George III claimed victory before the votes were counted.
ecuse me - i might be wrong , but what the he** u talking about -madame
or dude , please tell -i dont understand -im new at this
> 3. The Supreme Court is a political football.
> 4. The American people have gotten the best president money has
> 5. Still no campaign finance reform!
> 6. The phrase "of the people, by the people, and for the people" was
> meaningless even for the first Republican president.
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