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> Passing this on from Taxpayers for Common Sense:
> As you may know, the 2000 fire season was the most expensive fire
> in decades. The federal government spent a record $1.6 billion
> the most severe wildfires our nation has ever seen:
> From the Ashes: Reducing the Harmful Effects and Rising Costs of
> Wildfires, a new report by Taxpayers for Common Sense, finds that
> federal mismanagement of National Forests was largely responsible for
> the enormous costs of managing these fires. The report details policy
> recommendations for the new Congress and the new Administration that
> could increase the effectiveness of firefighting while reducing
> spending. Please take a few moments to view the report. It's available
> online in HTML and PDF formats at
> .
i too beifly heard something of that the other nite - its like our -OUR-
goverment is like nati , refinded- they still want to control - my
question is - here in united states - who -govens s????- not president -
 not house - not the vote peoples - i want to know who is the
goverment ? - they rule us now - who is thaT?

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