Costs of Mismanagement

Karl Davies karl at
Mon Jan 22 10:55:14 EST 2001

I'm trying to figure out what the total cost is for the mismanagement of
forests in Massachusetts.  A web page of mine at
indicates a loss of at least $20 per acre per year in stumpage values
circa 1987 - according to published reports.

A web page with price trends for Pennsylvania would suggest that
stumpage values have at least doubled over the past 14 years.  See for
stumpage price trends in that state.

So if mismanagement adversely affects 2,000,000 acres in MA (a very
conservative estimate) by $40 per acre per year in stumpage values, and
if the total economic impact is 50 times stumpage values
( about two thirds of the way
down), then the total cost/impact would be $4 billion per year, right?
Comments welcome!

I'm trying to pin down the numbers because I'm thinking that this may be
the only way of focusing the attention of politicians and news media on
what's happening in our forests.  Nobody cares about all the
high-grading and neglect because they don't think it affects them.  But
it does.  There is an enormous loss in jobs and wealth that could
benefit everyone in our communities, not just the few who own the land.


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