Costs of Mismanagement

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> I'm trying to pin down the numbers because I'm thinking that this may be
> the only way of focusing the attention of politicians and news media on
> what's happening in our forests.  Nobody cares about all the
> high-grading and neglect because they don't think it affects them.  But
> it does.  There is an enormous loss in jobs and wealth that could
> benefit everyone in our communities, not just the few who own the land.
> KD
Now, more than ever, money drives Congress where laws and policies are
created. If they can be see the financial wisdom of managing forests using
sound silviculture, laws requiring good forestry can be a good investment
over the long and short run. Some forestry consultants, like Karl and Joe Z,
can clean up a neglected forest, make some bucks AND set up a stand of trees
for a better future harvest. Who knows how much clear, tight-grained pine
and hardwood logs will be worth in the near future.


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