Chipper/Seed Mix?

William Whatley quasho at
Mon Jan 29 20:27:26 EST 2001


We are planning on conducting some three year monitored plots within a
burned conifer forest wherein the limbs & lop from harvested ponderosa
would be fed through a 9" chipper for broadcast spreading over areas of
burned soil.  A control plot would also be conducted with the standard
scattering of the limbs and lop (no chipping).  On some of the other
plots, I would like to experiment with feeding indigenous seed mix
through the chipper with the debris on a few of the plots.  Chip depth
and seed quantity could be varied between said plots.  One or more plots
would contain chips but no seed.

I am seeking recommendations for a seed mixture that could be used.
Context is North central New Mexico near Los Alamos, 7000-8500 ft amsl,
ponderosa forest with gamble's oak, eastern aspect with fairly level
terrain. Most rain is in May and June, some in August.  Snow is
predominantly January, February and March.  Any suggestions? Please
e-mail me back.

William Whatley
Walatowa Woodlands Initiative

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