Crop Tree Management Report

Karl Davies karl at
Tue Jan 30 07:24:28 EST 2001

Every now and then the USFS does something right.  There must be a law
of probabilities that explains this.  The URL below will take you to a
report by Arlyn Perkey down in West Virginia.  He's been researching the
biology and economics of crop tree management for years.  This is a 10
year progress report.  And guess what?  Yep, those crop trees grew
faster than the 3-5% per year in value that forestry bureaucrats figure
they grow at.  The range was 15-20% PER YEAR including grade and market
value increases.

Unfortunately, the report is in PDF format and it takes about half an
hour to download.  But it's well worth the wait.  You might want to save
the PDF file to disk and then print it out.  The PDF formatting is nice
for making copies to give out to people.  You can use it to show
landowners the value of good forestry, and the value forest management
services offered by practicing foresters.  KD

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