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Hello to all newsgroup users.  I would like to bring to your attention the
recent release of a publication entitled Our Fragile World: Challenges and
Opportunities for Sustainable Development developed by UNESCO and Eolss
Publishers.  This publication is a forerunner to the Encyclopedia of Life
Support Systems which features contributions from over 6,000 scientists
representative of over 100 countries worldwide making it the largest
encyclopedia of its kind in the world. I am attaching in text format a news
release for your information.  Should you require any further info. don't
hesitate to contact me directly or better yet the publishers at
http://www.eolss.net or http://www.eolsscom .  Thanks for your attention and
good reading!!  Sincerely yours, Kevin Rosner


 1. "Our Fragile World: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable
Development" a publication in  two hardback volumes about 2300 pages, with
an accompanying CD-ROM has been officially released as forerunner to the
Encyclopedia of Life support Systems, by Koïchiro Matsuura,
Director-General  of UNESCO, on 30 May 2001 during the 161st Session of the
UNESCO Executive Board Meeting in  Paris. It includes complimentary
single-user access to the web-based Encyclopedia for two years.

 This publication presents integrated knowledge and worldviews related to
the state of: Earth's  natural resources, human and cultural resources,
institutional resources, and economic, financial  and technological
resources. It presents the vision and thinking of over 200 authors in
support of efforts to solve the complex problems connected with peace,
equity, justice, world stability and global sustainable development, and to
secure perennial life support on 'The Blue Planet'. The presentations are
holistic, informative, and forward-looking, and will be of interest to a
broad readership. It also features a "Series of Interviews with Outstanding
Personalities", conducted by Patricia Morales. Interviews with Maurice
Strong, Mikhail Gorbachev, Steven Rockefeller, Maritta Koch-Weser, Shridath
Ramphal, Ingvar Carlsson, Ruud Lubbers, Richard Goldstone, and Gro Harlem
Bruntland are included.  . The authors include P. Obasi from WMO, K. Toepfer
from UNEP, K. Matsuura from UNESCO, V. Petrovsky from UN, N. Sadik from
UNFPA, G. Speth from UNDP; Presidents of National Academies of Sciences: Yu.
Osipov from Russia, Teng Teng from  China, O. Wandiga from Kenya; Member of
Parliament: E. von Weizsacker from Germany; eminent scientists: F. El Baz
from Egypt, M. S. Swaminathan from India, Sir M. Holdgate from UK, K.
Fukuoka from Japan, N. Goodwin from USA and many other Distinguished
personalities According to M.K.Tolba, Editor of "Our Fragile World:
Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development", "this publication
. . . is meant to stand alone as an authoritative resource and Forerunner to
the Encyclopedia. It is related to the Encyclopedia, which is many times
larger than this publication, and presents perspectives of several important
subjects that  are covered in greater detail in the Encyclopedia."

2. The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, or simply the EOLSS, as it is
called within the vast global team of prominent writers and editors that has
been deeply engaged in developing it during the last few years, is seen as a
colossus in the world of publications. It presents current knowledge of
global relevance for decision support towards sustainable development and
global security. It is the culmination of an unprecedented global effort
organized under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific,
and Cultural Organization (UNESCO ) and brings together the work of many of
the world's foremost scholars, experts, and policy-makers in all major
fields, representing a broad spectrum of well-known leading academic and
research institutions, professional organizations, government agencies,
private enterprises, and policy planning bodies spread throughout the world,
contributing to 'state-of-the art information and expert opinion on
virtually every aspect of the life support systems on which we depend'.

 The Encyclopedia will not merely be a source of current information and
expert opinion on virtually every aspect of the life support systems on our
planet, but will also forge pathways between disciplines in order to help
foster integration of knowledge as it is essential for guidance
towards sustainable development. Its Body of Knowledge, of about 30 subject
domains spanned by about 200 subject themes, has been developed under the
expert direction of subject editors with contributions from more than 6000
authors in over 100 countries.

 Placing the EOLSS in a larger scientific and global perspective, it also
carries messages from Richard R. Ernst, Nobel Laureate-Chemistry, Leon M.
Lederman, Nobel Laureate-Physics, M. S. Swaminathan, Ramon First World Food
Prize, Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Laureate-Chemistry, J. L. Lions, Japan Prize ,
and S. P. Kapitza, UNESCO Kalinga Laureate. In the words of Lederman, the
EOLSS is "the theme of humanity, embedded in nature and constrained to find
ways of maintaining a  relationship with nature based on understanding and

 The Inaugural Edition of the Encyclopedia will be available by the end  of
this year. It will start with a size of about 8 million words and will
mature to its full size of about 70 million  words through further regular
uploads. The Web based Encyclopedia features the so called EOLSS  Forum for
interactive dialogue between readers and authors to render the EOLSS as a
Living  Encyclopedia.

Further Information is available at: http://www.eolss.net or

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