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> > Daniel
> > Natural hybrids are cross pollinated by wind.
> > Manmade hybrids are cross pollinated in the nursery;
> > transgenic trees are modified using implantation of genes at the
> > microscopic DNA level.
> I guess I'm still confused. Natural hybrids would be something that
> happens in nature by wind pollination. Such _might_ occur in the
> creation of the Leland cypress, which is a cross between Alaska Yellow
> cedar and Monterey cypress. Might...but not very likely.
> Manmade hybrid are cross pollinated in the nursery. I think Leland
> actually chose trees in nature to cross-polinate by hand, but I could
> be wrong. But since it was still hybridized by man it's still a
> manmade hybrid, right?

Leylands cross pollinated in a Welsh park where the parent trees grew together,
which they don't in nature, so in a way it is a man made natural hybrid.
Subsequent Leylands have been hand pollinated.

> And a transgenetic tree would be something that was like a Leland
> cypress but with a gene for, say, an insecticide from a painted daisy
> (pyrethrium) inserted into the genetic make-up?

Yes or worse, a sterility gene that renders all conifers sterile round and about.
Or a pig gene that makes the tree look for its own truffles!
Could this be the end of the world as we know it?

> Daniel B. Wheeler

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