foreigners want to finance/buy your business

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Fri Jun 1 15:09:47 EST 2001

 Foreigners  want to buy or finance your business speak to them right now. 
( This is a group of 317 venture capital firms, angels, private investors)

(WE LIMIT CUSTOMERS)   Contact us right  now at our United States office
and we will e-mail  you back  written details.

Do not just e-mail back to us it will NOT reach us we are in transit.
Please use these ONLY these  e-mails below to contact us.

for875 at
agnesmoore at

or fax us at 305-847-3945 in the U.S.. and include your e-mail address
 so we can e-mail you back our credentials.

Please include contact name...............along with your e-mail address

Best Regards,
Helen Hunter

To remove only.......................... contact34 at


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