Ladies, Mind Blowing Orgasm With Viacreme!!

samm403 at samm403 at
Sun Jun 10 14:33:14 EST 2001

Finally a Product for Women that can Truly say, 
"Satisfaction Guaranteed" 

What to achieve new sensual heights? 

Guys get this for Her! 
Gals get this for Him! 
Guys & Gals -- Get this for your Relationship!!! 

Are you one of the 75% of women who never or seldom achieve 
orgasm through intercourse? 

>From ministers, to therapists, to John Gray, to Dr. Ruth, and to Oprah, 
women and men across the Nation have struggled to find answers to better 
relationships and greater sexual satisfaction. Statistics indicate that 
one out of every three break-ups is due to sexual frustration and 
sexual dysfunction. With Viacreme as a woman achieves enhanced 
pleasure during love making, her desire to make love again and again 
to have the same pleasurable experience, grows. 


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