Biodiversity and the BioBlitz 2001 survey

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Sun Jun 24 18:45:52 EST 2001

How do you manage what you don't know exists?

An attempt to answer that question was answered recently by the 2001
BioBlitz held at Champoeg State Historic Site on June 22-23. I am
pleased to have participated.

Here is what I found in the 24-hours period between 3pm June 22 and
3pm June 23. It certainly is not a complete list of everything found,
and I rather doubt the total will come near the 830-some species found
last year at the first BioBlitz. Nonetheless it provides more data for
baseline research.

It also points out how diverse typical settled lands can be.

Species found or sighted during the 2001 BioBlitz at Champoeg State
Historic Area, Marion County, Oregon, June 22-23, 2001

Scientific Name			Common name

Abies concolor			White fir
Abies grandis			Grand fir
Acer circinatum			Vine maple
Acer macrophyllum		Bigleaf maple
Achlys triphylla		Vanilla leaf
Actaea rubra			Baneberry
Alnus rubra			Red alder
Amelanchier sinifolia var. semiintegrifolia	Pacific Serviceberry
Arbutus menziesii		Madrone
Arctium minus			Burdock
Ascomycete (white, tiny stem, mummified) on Thimbleberry stem
Athyrium felix-femina		Lady-fern
Azalea sps. 			Exbury (deciduous) azalea
Azalea sps.			Non-deciduous azalea
Bellis perennis			English daisy
Berberis aquifolium		Oregon grape
Berberis nervosa		Dwarf Oregon grape
Boletus zelleri			Zeller's bolete
Brassica campestris		Yellow Mustard
Brodiaea coronaria		Large cluster lily
Camassia lechtlinii		Large camas
Centaurea cyanus		Bachelor's button
Centaurium muhlenbergii
Circium arvense			Canada thistle
Circium vulgare			Bull thistle
Circuta douglasii		Western water hemlock
Cornus cornuta			Pacific dogwood
Cornus stolonifera		Creek dogwood
Corylus cornuta var. californica	California hazel
Corylus sps., not cornuta	hazel sps.
Crataegus douglasii		Western hawthorne
Cytisus scoparius		Scotchbroom
Daucus carota			Wild carrot, Queen Anne's Lace
Digitalis purpurea		Foxglove
Disporum hookeri var. oreganum	Fairy bells
Disporum smithii		Fairy lantern
Epilobium angustifolium	Fireweed
Equisetum arvense		Common rush
Festuca sps.			Tall fescue
Festuca sps.			Red fescue
Festuca sps. 			Chewing fescue
Festuca sps.			Creeping fescue
Fragaria vesca			Strawberry
Fraxinum latifolia		Oregon ash
Galium boreale			Northern bedstraw
Galium trifidum			Swamp bedstraw
Galium triflorum		Triple-flowered bedstraw
Gaultheria shallon		Salal
Geranium molle			Dove's foot geranium
Geranium pusillum		Small-flowered geranium
Geum macrophyllum		Giant Geum
Holodiscus discolor		Oceanspray
Homo sapiens			Thinking man
Hydrophyllum occidentale	Western water leaf
Hydrophyllum tenuipes		Water leaf
Hypochoeris radicata		False dandelion
Lactuca serriola		Tall lettuce
Lemna minor			Small duckweed
Leontodon nudicaulis		Hawkbit
Lonicera ciliosa		Climbing honeysuckle
Lotus minor			Yellow creeping lotus
Marah oreganus			Wild cucumber
Melissa officinalis		Lemon balm
Mildew on Acer macrophyllum and Rubus parviflorus
Mitella caulescens		Leafy-stemmed Bishop's cap
Mitella ovalis			Small Bishop's cap
Montia fontana			Water montia
Montia perfoliata		Miner's lettuce
Nemophila parviflora		Wood Nemophila
Osmaronia ceraciformis	Indian peach/Indian plum
Oxalis oregana			Wood sorrel
Oxalis suksdorfii		Yellow sorrel
Peridium aquilinum		Bracken fern 
Physocarpus capitatus		Nine-bark
Pinus contorta			Lodgepole pine
Phorandendron villosum	Common mistletoe
Plantago lanceolata		Narrow-leaved plantain
Plantago major			Broad-leaved plantain
Prunus emarginata		Wild cherry
Prunus sps.			Cherry sps, probably a cross-polination
Prunus virginiana var. demissa	Wild chokecherry
Poa annual				grass, Annual Rye
Poa sps.				grass, Perennial Rye
Polygonum aviculare		Knot-weed
Polystichum munitum		Sword fern
Populus trichocarpa		Black cottonwood
Psathyrella sps. on Populus trichocarpa and Acer macrophyllum
Pseudotsuga menziesii		Douglas fir
Puccinia hydrophylli		Hydrophyllum rust
Puccinia plumasensis		rust on Hydrophyllum occidentale
Pyrus fusca			Wild crabapple
Ranunculus flammula		Creeping spearwort
Ranunculus uncinatus		Woods buttercup
Ranunculus occidentalis	Field buttercup
Rhamnus purshiana		Cascara
Rhus diversiloba		Poison oak
Ribes divaricatum		Coast black gooseberry
Ribes sanguineum		Red-flowering curant
Rosa gymnocarpa			Wood rose
Rosa nutkana			Common wild rose
Rubus laciniatus		Evergreen blackberry
Rubus leucodermis		Black-cap
Rubus parviflorus		Thimbleberry
Rubus pedatus			Trailing Blackberry
Rubus procerus			Himalaya blackberry
Rumex acetosella		Red sorrel
Rumex obtusifolius		Bitter dock
Rumex oddicentalis		Western dock
Salix lasiandra			Peach-leaf willow
Salix scouleriana		Mountain willow
Sambucus callicarpa		Red elderberry
Senecia jacobaea		Tansy ragwort
Sequoiodendron giganteum	Giant Sequoia
Silybum marianum		Milk thistle
Smilacina racemosa		Large False Solomon's Seal
Smilacina sessilifolia	Small False Solomon's Seal
Solanum dulcamara		Bittersweet nightshade
Solanum nodiflorum		American Black nightshade
Spirea douglasii		Douglas' spirea
Stachys rigida			Hedge nettle
Stellaria media			Common chickweed
Stereum sps.			on Populus trichocarpa
Symphoricarpos albus		Snowberry
Taraxacum officinale		Common dandelion
Taxum brevifolia		Pacific yew
Tellima grandiflora		Fringe cups
Thuja plicata			Western Redcedar
Tonella tenella			Baby innosence
Trametes versicolor		on Alnus rubra
Trillium ovatum			Wood Lily
Trifolium incarnatum		Crimson clover
Trifolium repens		White clover
Valdensinia heterodoxa	Salal rust
Vancouveria hexandra		Inside-out flower
Vicia angustifolia		Narrow-leaved vetch
Vicia villosa			Hairy vetch
Viola glavella			Wood violet
Unknown moth or butterfly, mottled white and brown, orienting head
Urtica lyallii			Nettle
Usnea sps. on Acer macrophyllum
Usnea sps. on Quercus garryana
					ant, Carpenter
					blackbird, Common
					blackbird, Red-wing
					bluebird, Western
					butterfly, Painted lady
					Coyote/Shepard mix
					Deer fly
					deer, Whitetail tracks
					English ivy
					grass, Cheat
					grass, Johnson's
					grass, Timothy
					grass, Orchard
					grass, Quack
					grass, Velvet
					hawk, Red-tailed
					jay, Stellar's
					jay, Canadian
					lichen on Acer macrophyllum (not Usnea)
					lichen on Acer macrophyllum (not as above)
					lichen on Quercus garryana
					locust, Black (a tree)
					moss, Ground
					moss, on Acer macrophyllum
					moss, on Quercus garryana
					moss, on Pseudotsuga menziesii
					moss, on Taxus brevifolia
 					moth, white with brown lines, orienting head-downwards
					robin, American
					rust sps. on Trillium
					Sedge sps.
					slug, Banana
					snake, Red-backed
					starling, English
					sparrow, Wolf
					towhee, Western
					vulture, Turkey (2 sightings)
					woodpecker, Pileated (3 sightings)

NOTE: Very dry conditions. No truffles reported (that I know of), and
ground nearly like concrete. The previous Saturday I was also on site,
and found at least 12 species of fungi in good condition, many
Psathyrella and Coprinus sps. However, dry hot weather the following
week dessicated the majority of these fungi to non-identifiable

As I write this, the clouds have come back (thankfully!) and have
already deposited perhaps .10-inch of rainfall: not enough to bring
out any mushrooms or truffles, but certainly will help ameliorate the
dry spring we've had to date.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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