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Plant pictures by latin name - Sf-Z Part 1 (Sorbus aucuparia)

Sorbus aucuparia, mountain ash, rowan tree.

>Sorbus aucuparia, mountain ash, rowan tree.

>sorbaucu.jpg leaves. June 1992, Liljendal, Finland. 88 kB. This is the time to pick them. Just be sure you've got permission from the landowner. In blind taste tests the tea from fermented leaves beat everything but Ribes nigrum leaves. 
>sorbauc1.jpg fruit and leaves. August 1992, Espoo, Finland. 54 kB. You only get a real harvest of berries once every 3 years or so. 
>sorbauc2.jpg 1998 was a good year for mountain ash berries. September 1998, Liljendal, Finland. 157 kB. 
>sorbauc3.jpg the wildform (red berries) and a cultivar (yellow berries), growing side by side. September 1998, Helsinki, Finland. 142 kB. 
>sorbauc4.jpg massively fruiting tree. October 1995, Helsinki, Finland. 106 kB. 
>sorbauc5.jpg fruiting branch. August 1992, Liljendal, Finland. 55 kB. 
>sorbauc6.jpg young tree in spring. June 1992, Liljendal, Finland. 64 kB. 
>sorbus-aucuparia-8.jpg flowering branches. June 2000, Kullaa, Finland. 73 kB. 

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On 27 Feb 2001 22:45:19 -0000, anonymous wrote:

>Andrew Lochrie (lochrie at wrote:
>>i'm trying to find a nice picture of a rowan tree for my trees of the
>>world website, but everything i find online is either low resolution or
>>a shot of just the berries. does anyone have any decent resolution rowan
>>tree photos that show off the whole tree that they could email me?
>i am also looking for good pictures of a rowan tree. please let me know if
>you find any, thanks

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