Truffles & fungi fd. 11/10/2001 in Clark Co. WA under full-canopy Douglas fir

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Sat Nov 10 23:24:57 EST 2001

Today spent 4 hours searching for truffles for orders. Regretfully
didn't find enough to fill the majority of orders I currently have. :(

However, did find the following truffles and fungi:

Suillus granulatus
Boletus zelleri
Boletus chrysenteron
Rhizopogon vinicolor
Rhizopogon parksii
Rhizopogon sps., not parksii or vinicolor
Hymenogaster parksii
Macrolepiota racodes (on thatcher ant colonies)
Gomphidius subroseus
Gomphidius oregonensis
Laccaria laccata
Amanita sps. (small white button)

Tomorrow I will try a different plantation near Oregon City. Hope they
are more mature than I suspect.

Daniel B Wheeler

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