The "Water Tap" Tree on BC's Skeena River

David Kipling dkipling at
Wed Nov 14 21:57:41 EST 2001

I have some of the story, but not all.  Please add and corect as

About 10 years ago I  was driving dirt roads west from (approx)
Kispiox or Kitwanga, beside the Skeena River (no map to hand right
now), and stopped to look at a tree (cottonwood I think), that had a
steel pipe jutting from its trunk, pouring water onto the ground.

I walked round the tree and poked about, but there was NO PIPE.  No
camera, alas.

A couple of years later, a forester told me he knew the homesteaders
who had originally installed this convenient "tap":  in fact there WAS
a steel pipe, right through the tree and down into the ground, which
the tree had completely grown around.  The pipe led from a crude
collector on the river bed, and the Skeena is definitely big-and-fast
enough to provide the pressure for this stunt.

Does anyone out there know this, or more than this?  I don't mind
rival versions of the story!

David Kipling
BC, Canada

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