Global warming may affect crop harvest

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Thu Nov 22 02:50:59 EST 2001

>From The Oregonian, Nov 21, 2001, p E10, Earthweek

Global warming harvest

The harvest of some of the world's most crucial staple food crops
could fall by as much as one-third as a result of global warming,
according to a report released by the United Nations Environment
Program. Scientists stated in the report that crops such as rice, corn
and wheat will resist flowering and setting seed in warmer
temperatures. Dr. John Sheehy, a crop ecologist at the Internaitonal
rice Research Institute in Manila, Philippines, said many crops grown
in the tropics are at or near their thermal limits. "In rice, wheat
and maize, grain yields are likely to decline by 10 percent for every
1 degree Celsius increase in temperature."

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